Virus Wash Bottle

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Our bodies have protein receptors which connect to a virus, read the RNA instructions and start replicating. It’s like an infected USB drive plugged into a computer. If there is a virus on the USB drive then the virus software auto-loads onto your computer and starts making copies of itself. The simple solution is to put a cap on the USB drive to prevent a connection. Vfense is that cap. Vfense acts like a protein receptor from your body and keeps the virus, including the coronavirus, from connecting and making copies of itself inside your body.
Step 1: wash your hands. Step 2: apply a thin layer of Vfense to your mask and hands. (only reapply after washing.)

We encourage everyone to spray their masks before use. Masks are not usually washed so the protective barrier stays on all day. If some of the virus gets past the mask filter, there is a high chance that it will be inert, denatured and unable to make the healthcare worker sick.

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