About Travis Honeycutt and Vfense™

A Self Introduction

Travis Honeycutt

I have enjoyed a very successful career as an innovative entrepreneur and chemist. I received a BS in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University, a MS in Engineering and Material Science from Georgia Tech, and an honorary doctorate from the Kiev University. I studied Polymer and Color Chemistry at the University of Tennessee, while I was employed by Eastman-Kodak Chemical Labs in Kingsport, Tennessee early in my career. I hold over forty issued U.S. patents within a wide range of successful commercial applications. Over the past twenty-five years I have incorporated two publicly held companies , Isolyser Corporation and Vystar Corporation. Now a part of Ecolab Inc., Isolyser produced a non-woven material for use in hospital surgical environments that was dissolvable to be environmentally safely disposed. Also, the company produced a solidifying gel to dispose of sharp, contaminated medical devices (for example, hypodermic needles). Vystar has commercialized a hypo-allergenic natural rubber latex that can be used in over 40,000 latex products. I also founded Reactive Energy Corporation and Climax Global Energy Corporation. Reactive Energy was formed for the research and development of alternative energy sources. Climax Global Energy was a spin-off company formed to convert waste plastics into hydrocarbon products, such as diesel fuel. I reference all of this merely to lead you to understand that I know chemistry.

My intentions for Vfense™

I really never thought much about virus deactivation until recently. I have been quite affected by the apparent epidemic outbreak of terrible, terrible virus infections throughout the world. I felt that I should try to do something to fight, deactivate, denature, and destroy all viruses. A topical application rather than an ingested product would be the easiest to develop and get to the marketplace. That was my challenge. I knew that viruses are essentially formations of protein mass. All viruses contain protein and so far they have not mutated away from their protein composition. I also understood the theory of Van der Waal attraction forces among certain chemical elements. There are known pairings of companion elements discovered throughout the years and clearly identified in academic literature* as Van der Waals attraction companions. Certain chemical compounds have a high coefficient of Van der Waals attraction to elements found in all protein chains. I have now applied for a patent on a product that can denature viral protein structure. This product has NOT been reviewed or approved by any Federal or state regulatory agency. This product is Vfense™.

* A few authoritative academic sources describing Van der Waal companion attraction:

  • Barrett, R.S., et al; “Formulation and immunogenicity studies of type III secretion system needle antigens as vaccine candidates” J Pharm Sci, November 2010.
  • Hughes, Chantelle; “Immobilization for Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Based Biosensor and Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction”; ProQuest 2007
  • Martinus A.H. Capell, et al; “Methods for Characterizing Proteins in Aluminum Adjuvant Formulations” p. 470; Biological Drug Products, Developments, and Strategies; Edited by Wang, Wei, et al; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 2014

Contact Us

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Management and Advisory Team:

  • Travis W. Honeycutt, Chief Executive Officer
  • David A. Derusha, President
  • Glen W. Smotherman MBA, Financial Administration
  • Milt Hinsch MBA, Technical Advisory Board
  • Dr. David Robertson MD, Technical Advisory Board